Custom Design Process with YOU in Mind



During our free initial consultation, we start by hearing your ideas. We want to know what you love and what may cause issues for you in your home. In addition, your project lead and team will make a site visit to the build location to get an idea of what the project might look like and the setting of the build. We also take measurements and photos. We do this before we put anything on paper so we can draw to scale.



After our initial consultation, we start out with a rough draft of the design and rough ballpark of the pricing details for that design. We’ll schedule a time to go over these with you,  so we can find out what will work best for your needs and budget.



After we discuss the initial design and get your feedback, then we’ll make a design revision. Our focus during this step is on tightening scope, polishing up the design, and making sure we’re meeting all of your needs and expectations.



Once we’ve settled on an overall look and feel, materials used, and a budget, then we’ll create a formal proposal and contract for you. This is to ensure we are building exactly what you want us to and we get all of our bases covered.



We bring in our team of skilled craftsmen to build your project right from the ground up. Your project lead will be your personal contact throughout the entire project to make sure things run smoothly.